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Food and Agriculture

We take care of the details.
So you can focus on your business.

Global trade only grows in complexity. Our job is to manage those complexities so you don’t have to. The obstacles are many, and shifting continually. Worldwide suppliers and customers. Multiple business locations. A vast nexus of regulations and jurisdictions. There is security in working with experts who understand the risks, find solutions, and implement the opportunities. We do it all. At the highest level of competence. So you can focus on growth.

Be confident worldwide.
Wherever you trade, we are at your side. With consulting professionals throughout South America, Middle East, and Asia, we help you establish and maintain trade compliance programs, meet audit requirements, recover duties and taxes, and manage border security.

Free up resources.
Experience always pays. We have a long and successful history of augmenting client teams to optimize international trade and minimize risk. Our specialists free up your time and resources to focus on what matters most – doing business.

Production, distribution and retailing stages

We can assist your company in every single stage of commercializing commodities:
Assembly Commodity buyers specialising in specific agricultural products, such commodities as grain, cattle, beef, poultry, etc. Storage Refrigerated warehouses, controlled-atmosphere warehouses, heated warehouses, freezer warehouses. Transportation Independent truckers, trucking companies, freights, airlines etc. Grading and classification Commodity merchants or government grading officials and Religious certifications. Processing Food and fibre processing plants such as slaughterhouses, flour mills, oil mills, rice mills, and fruit and vegetable canning or freezing plants. Packaging Makers of tin cans, cardboard boxes, film bags, and bottles for food packaging or fibre products. Distribution and retailing Independent wholesalers marketing products for various processing plants to retailers (chain retail stores sometimes have their own separate warehouse distribution centres).

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